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Paris picnic and lovers photo session

Romantic Paris for a lovers photo session

You are just about to get on a plane. You will be landing in Paris in a few hours. You are planning on an eiffel tower engagement, a secret proposal. You have not had the time to search for a photographer!  Well I would be delighted to be your photographer for this very special moment!  I love taking portraits of lovers in Paris!

Here, I would like to share with you a very sweet and romantic moment I photographed in Paris recently with a young couple in Love, celebrating their one year of relationship.

If you are looking for something special while visiting Paris, I suggest that you contact ” Love Paris Picnic “.  They  organize romantic picnics overlooking the Eiffel tower and at different landmarks in Paris such as the Luxembourg gardens. I met Beatrice and her sweet heart at the champ de mars as they were finishing their picnic. They had ordered a special treat from Love Paris picnic with a very YUMMY strawberry cake. They were blowing their one year anniversary candle as I arrived for their engagement photo session under a gorgeous cherry tree!

Spring has finally arrived! Best time of the year ahead of us …

Everyone dreams of having romantic photographs taken with the eiffel tower in the background. Paris is gorgeous all year long, even in the fall and winter when it rains and the temperature gets a bit chilly. As a photographer, any day wandering the streets of the city is a gem for amazing photographs. Each season brings a different mood to the end result. If you photograph a couple in love in front of your camera, with the city amazing architecture, it is a dream job to take clients around town for their engagement photo session or any other private occasion.

Often I am being asked : ” What do we do if it rains ” . I will just say well we’ll just keep on having fun and recommend a screening of “Singing in the rain”

I would have some gorgeous umbrellas with me. There is always a cafe to shelter. Nothing matters when you are in Love and in a city like Paris! In the case of Beatrice and Steeve, we had the most amazing cherry tree as a background + the Eiffel tower which we could almost touch.

I would like to go up the Eiffel tower again actually with a couple to do a photo serie from within! You can purchase tickets online so that you can easily skip the queue! This is going to be my goal for the next few weeks actually as I havent been up for a little while now. Taking a couple in love for their engagement photo session on the third floor of the Eiffel tower would be quite amazing.

If anyone reading those lines want to take on the challenge, reach out, i would be delighted to photograph your love for each other overlooking the whole of the city! I will photograph your engagement photo session in a fun and stylish way.


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